Purchase Alert: Espadrilles

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By Susan Swimmer
isabel toledo payless wedges
Photo courtesy of Payless

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about wedge espadrilles. I consider the style a summer must-have, and how it’s possible that I didn’t have a pair in my shoe arsenal is beyond me. They’re super comfortable and that height boost can’t be beat. So I started looking for my dream pair. And I looked, and looked, and I looked some more. I fell in love with a red, strappy pair only to go into cardiac arrest when I saw the price tag ($550.00, for a pair of ESPADRILLES???). Oh no, no, no. Casual summer sandals are NOT the place to plunk down a paycheck (ditto for cashmere sweaters and  bathing suit cover ups, but that’s a whole other discussion).

Anyhoo, I was walking home from the gym one day and got stopped in my tracks at the window display before me: Payless. Of course! Not only is Payless a retailer that appreciates a bargain, but they happen to be teaming up with great designers who are creating super stylish shoes at an equally super price point. What’d I find? These beauties, thanks to talented designer Isabel Toledo (she of the Michellle Obama lemongrass inauguration day outfit). It is love, I tell you, LOVE. I’ve worn them with my boyfriend khaki’s (khaki’s rolled up so they hit just above the ankle), with a black dress, even with silk “dressy” shorts while I was on vacation last week. I will wear these espadrilles into the ground this summer, and can now happily remove the bee from my bonnet.

Go! Buy! Be Chic!

Isabel Toledo for Payless espadrilles, $60; payless.com

First Published Fri, 2011-05-06 10:45

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