For the Love of Leggings

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by Susan Swimmer
Photograph: Only Hearts

I love leggings, and let me tell you why: Sometimes I want leg coverage (too pale, too cold) when wearing tights feels too… serious. I have a bunch of different pairs of leggings—basic black, dark gray, cobalt blue (love them), even fuchsia (you’d be surprised how versatile), and even a pair of back leggings with built-in shape wear (merci, tummy control) that I’ve worn into the ground. I would have thought I had all the leggings boxes checked in my wardrobe, until I spied a pair of heavy lace ones by Only Hearts. A bell went off: This season, lace made a major comeback, and since I do not fancy myself a lace gal in general, I thought I’d skip the trend. Not so fast. What about doing the lace thing in a legging (an item I do love deeply)? Yes, people, when it comes to incorporating trends into the old wardrobe, you’ve got to be crafty. Think about how it’ll work for YOU. A lace blouse? For me, not so much. A lace legging that I can wear under knee-length skirts and flowy dresses? Yes! Here’s my report: I tried, and I liked. My tips? Keep the look monochromatic from head to toe (in my case, all black), and always do it with a flat (heels are a one-way ticket to tartsville).

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First Published Thu, 2011-05-19 11:13

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