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by Susan Swimmer
midnight cami essie image
Midnight Cami
Photograph: Essie

I’m very fickle about nail polish, and I consider the color of my digits as much a fashion statement as anything I’m wearing on my body. I went through a serious red phase a few years ago that seemed to last for eternity. Revlon had the best selection of shades, if you ask me, and I swear I collected them all. I started with bright, cherry hues and as the years went on I went darker and darker until by 2009 I settled on a shade so dark that, if you looked at it quickly, actually appeared black. Last summer I decided a change was due, and I found my way to the grays, ultimately enjoying a gray-beige color that kept me happy all last summer and into the fall. This season? Just like Picasso once embraced, I’m in my blue phase. I’m talking about a saturated, almost denim hue, possibly the color of lapis. It is love, love, love, I tell you, and I’m hear to share the news. I’m wearing it on my fingers and toes, and what I assumed would look kooky is actually surprisingly neutral.  My tip? Keep nails super short—they shouldn’t extend over your finger tips in the least—and keep them shaped more square than round.  Blue My Mind, by OPI is a favorite, as are Mezmerised and Midnight Cami by Essie.

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First Published Wed, 2011-05-25 16:46

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