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by Susan Swimmer
Gap bag image
Photograph: Gap

I have a confession to make: Recently I’ve fallen into a terrible fashion habit. Just between us gals, I’ve been schlepping things back and froth from the office in left-over bags, as in old, paper, store name-emblazoned cast offs. I know, I KNOW, you expect more from me. Truth be told, I expect more from myself. What’s a girl have to do to get a decent tote, you ask? Not much. I spied this embellished canvas shopper at The Gap (it’s in stores and on line) and fell in love. It’s roomy enough for gym stuff but not so huge that you need a special occasion to really fill it. Plus, it’s not overly complicated with loads of compartments, ideal for a simpleton like me. Finally we can all rest easy tonight. And when I say “we,” I mean me.

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First Published Mon, 2011-06-06 14:50

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