Fast Beauty Fixes

20 genius products that fix a range of beauty quandaries in mere minutes.

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Quandary: Fine lines

Fast Fix: This double action skin cream contains potent ingredients to iron out existing wrinkles, as well as light reflecting pigments for an instant soft-focus appearance.


Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines, $48;

Photo courtesy of Mama Mio

Quandary: Sparse arches

Fast Fix: Used with short, quick, upward strokes, this soft-tip marker fills in bare spots and camouflages grey hairs for a stronger, fuller brow in seconds.


TouchBack BrowMarker, $20;

Photo courtesy of TouchBack

Quandary: Complexion imperfection

Fast Fix: This microdermabrasion stick made from medical grade crystals suspended in a stick applicator promises skin-resurfacing that rivals exfoliating devices, cleansers, creams and scrubs. And it delivers those results within just one to two minutes of use.


Resurf.a.stic Face, $40;

Photo courtesy of Resurf.a.stic

Quandary: Limp locks

Fast Fix: Limp locks are no match for this body booster. Spray it on roots and brush or scrunch into hair for a lightening-quick pumped up look.


Sachajuan Volume Powder, $32;

Photo courtesy of Woodley & Bunny

Quandary: Unprotected, unscented skin

Fast Fix: Caught with bare skin on a stinking hot day? Just reach for one of these individually wrapped towlettes. Laced with the broad-spectrum sunscreen and the company’s bestselling Italian blood orange "Stella" fragrance, you get scent and SPF with every swipe.


Tocca SPF 30 Towelettes, $4 each;

Photo courtesy of Tocca

Quandary: Zits

Fast Fix: Three blemish-busting technologies—blue light, heat and sonic vibration—give this zit-zapper the power to obliterate pimples within 24 hours of use. Bonus: Each treatment cycle takes just two minutes and promises to work without pain, dryness or irritation.


TändaZAP, $49;

Photo courtesy of Tända

Quandary: Pale, scaly limbs

Quick Fix: The crushed pearls, mineral color and nutrients in this body lotion moisturize skin, while leaving it subtly aglow.


Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter, $24;

Photo courtesy of Sephora

Quandary: Dry, loose, lackluster skin

Fast Fix: The best of the doctor’s office and the spa’s treatment room come together in this new anti-ager that moisturizes, lifts and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles—all while you sleep. Slather it on at night and wake to fresher, firmer skin in the morning.


MyBody Youth Overnight, $110;

Photo courtesy of MyBody

Quandary: Too many products to apply

Fast Fix: This one-step wonder combines moisturizers, complexion refiners, broad sectrum sunscreen and a sheer silicone-based tint (in seven skin-matching shades) in one easy to apply lotion.


Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20, $48;

Photo courtesy of Miracle Skin Transformer

Quandary: Tangled tresses

Fast Fix: This spritz-on, leave-in detangler locks in color, provides UV protection and thermal styling benefits, and eliminates snarls like nobody’s business. . .all in an astounding 7 seconds flat (hence its nifty moniker).


Unite 7Seconds Condition, $26;

Photo courtesy of Unite Hair

Quandary: A dull smile

Fast Fix: A quick brushing with this dentist-developed power toothpaste infused with Bluverite technology will instantly brighten your teeth, whitening them permanently over time.


Luster Now!, $10; Walgreens

Photo courtesy of Luster

Quandary: Undereye circles and bags

Fast Fix: Thanks to a blend of capillary-strengthening Eyeseryl peptide, stimulating green coffee and repairing magnolia leaf, this super salve depuffs and fades dark circles in record time. To use, run a finger under cold water then use it to dab the treatment on the under eye area.


MyChelle’s Magnolia Fresh Eyes, $39;

Photo courtesy of MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Quandary: Dry, brittle nails

Fast Fix: Created by a pair of forward thinking New York City podiatrists, these toxin free polishes are enriched with naturally occurring antifungal ingredients, vitamins and protein so you won’t miss the toxic DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde they’ve taken out. Instead, you get healthier looking, stronger, more stunning nails.


Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish, $17;

Dr.'s Remedy

Quandary: Clogged pores

Fast Fix: They may not be new, but these pore strips are still the most satisfying way to remove a week’s worth of dirt, oil ad blackheards in just 10 minutes. Choose the right level of cleaning for your skin then unplug to your heart’s content.


Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, $8;

Photo courtesy of Bioré

Quandary: Unsightly roots

Fast Fix: This mist-on tinted spray (in four hair-matching hues) can be applied in seconds. It dries to a water- and sweat-resistant finish that won’t stain your face or pillow case, so you can squeeze an extra few days (or weeks!) out of your single process or highlights without anyone having the slightest notion you even color.


Rita Hazan Root Concealer, $24;

Photo courtesy of Sephora

Quandary: Excessive perspiration

Fast Fix: Created to mimic the effects of Botox injections used to minimize perspiration, these handy wipes can be swiped anywhere you're prone to dampness (underarms, palms, feet, cleavage, etc.) for a mega dry feeling in a minimal amount of time.


Dermadoctor Med e Tate, $48;

Photo courtesy of Sephora

Quandary: Wrecked ringlets

Fast Fix: Thanks to its non-greasy, frizz-fighting formula with built-in UV protection, this award winning spritz can be used to reboot, rehydrate and reenergize curls and waves both at home or on the go.


Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Spray, $5;

Photo courtesy of Walgreens

Quandary: Sand, everywhere

Fast Fix: Dip the puff into this coconut-scented, non-talc powder and swipe it over skin to remove itchy, scratchy sand and salt instantly.


Sand Gone, $13;

Photo courtesy of Sand Gone

Quandary: Lackluster hair color

Fast Fix: This spray-on shine enhancer works like a salon glaze treatment to brighten hair color, refresh your hue and leave it with a professional-grade gloss.


Oscar Blandi At Home Salon Glaze, $25;

Photo courtesy of Oscar Blandi

Quandary: Smudgy eyeliner

Fast Fix: This richly colored eyeliner goes on creamy then sets to a completely budge-proof finish that lasts a full 12 hours. Buh-bye smudgy eyes.


Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, $23;


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