21 Apps That Make Weight Loss Easy

Take the work out of trimming your tummy with these easy-to-use iPhone apps.

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Belly Fat Blaster: The Video Guide

Bye, bye love handles! This app breaks down belly busting into eight categories targeting nutrition, time management and fat burning. Instructional videos teach you to stay active and efficient in your weight loss and provide easy-to-follow ab-centric cardio routines ($4.99).

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Diet and Food Tracker by Spark People

Stop guessing whether you've eaten too much or haven't sweat enough: This app allows you to log your meals (there are more than one million foods in the database), input your exercise and obtain a detailed report tracking calories eaten versus calories burned (free).

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Passport to Good Health

Untreated medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, are a common cause of weight gain. This app stores your medical records, screening schedule and physician contact information so you never forget important information—or your annual appointment—again (free).

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Yoga Stretch

Save up to five customizable yoga sequences or play a preloaded hour-long session with the option of an audio instructor. Play the included meditative background music or sync your session to your iTunes library to create some ambiance ($.99).

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Lose It!

Add to your weight loss incentive with this app that not only tracks your calorie intake, but also allows you to share your weekly progress with select friends on Facebook or Twitter. According to the company, the average active Lose It! user drops more than 12 pounds (free).

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Stress Free with Deepak Chopra

Research shows that chronic stress can contribute to belly fat. Keep calm with this six-week interactive mobile program that includes exercises, meditations, nutrition tips, music therapy and more all under the coaching of alternative-medicine guru Deepak Chopra ($1.99).

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Absalt Easy Wakeup Classic

Start the day feeling refreshed: This intuitive alarm clock uses sleep-phase research to determine the best time to wake you. It also stores your daily stats and transforms them into easy-to-read graphs so you can keep track of your sleep patterns ($4.99).

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Restaurant Nutrition

Eating out doesn’t have to equal overindulgence. This app includes over 250 restaurant offerings so you can view menu options before selecting where to dine. Pick wisely ($4.99)!

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iPump Fat Burn

This app turns your Smartphone into a personal trainer by supplying six varieties of fat-burning cardio workouts—including images, videos and audio coaching. Try them all to avoid the dreaded plateau ($2.99).

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Eight Glasses a Day

It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Make sure you fulfill your eight-glass quota with this friendly reminder. Just touch the virtual glass of water every time you drink, and at midnight the glasses refill to start all over ($.99).

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Whether you’re feeling bloated or you think you’ve sprained your ankle, this app can help. Simply select the body part giving you trouble, choose your symptoms and then read up on the potential medical issues. Browse the local health listings to find the closest physician or use the pill identification tool to decide if that square, white pill in your medicine cabinet is the key to relief (free).

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Grocery List

Ensure your house is filled with healthful food by shopping with a list. This app will even speed up the trip by sorting products into categories or by aisle. Sending your hubby to the store? Sync your list with his phone, and then have him check off each item he grabs so you know they’ve been purchased ($2.99).

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Daily Ab Workout

Flatten your belly by spending five to 10 minutes a day sculpting your abs. This app contains a huge library of gut-busting moves and conveniently counts down as you crunch (free).

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Map My Fitness

Any type of exercise—from running to cycling to weight training—can be tracked with this app that uses built in GPS technology to record duration, distance, speed and elevation while mapping out your completed route. Sync data with an online training log and even share with Facebook or Twitter friends to compare improvement (free).

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Track your menopause symptoms to combat mood swings, hot flashes and weight gain. This app provides a trend calculator and a symptom journal so you can easily analyze data and find a successful treatment plan ($4.99).

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Many people swear by the Zone Diet, but sticking to its suggested calorie ratio—40 percent from carbs, 30 percent from proteins and 30 percent from fats—can be a pain. This app converts grams into an easy-to-grasp percentage so you can see the fraction of calories from each of these sources without the headache of doing the calculations (free).

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This app allows you to set goals, find and log exercises and graph your overall progress. But what really makes it stand out is its food tracking. Simply scan the barcodes of the foods you eat and they’re logged automatically, no typing required (free).

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Ambience Lite

A good night’s sleep is crucial for getting the energy you need to be active and drop pounds. This app has over six million soothing soft-noise downloads, such as wind howls and rapids, to encourage slumber. If you can’t find a sound you like, use the recorder to create your own. The tracks also make great for yoga music ($.99).

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Strava Cycling

Enter the social networking world of cycling with this app that records your bike rides, maps your routes and analyzes your ride data. Upload your stats to Strava.com to compare your rides to other cycling enthusiasts or log on to enter events and join clubs in your area (free).

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Pedometer Pro GPS +

If you always carry your phone, you might as well use it to reach your 10,000-steps goal. This app is equipped with GPS—only depending on its accelerometer when the GPS signal is weak or cannot be detected—to accurately count your steps, distance, speed, pace and calories burned. If you're a fan of fitness walking, there is a built-in tool that makes it easy to check your pulse, as well as a music player for some upbeat motivation, too ($2.99).

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