10 Foods to Avoid While Eating Out

We enlisted New York City based celebrity dentist Dr. Nicholas Toscano to help us narrow down the foods you should (almost) always avoid at an important lunch meeting, first date or fancy fĂȘte

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Corn on the Cob

On a first date it's best to skip this summertime treat. Kernels are bound to get lodged in your teeth. Not to mention, it'll smear your lipstick, ladies.



There's a scene in Mrs. Winterbourne (1996) where Ricki Lake's character finds her self at the dinner table of a wealthy family, perplexed at the "proper" way to eat the bowl of soup in front of her. Not only are the etiquette rules of soup tricky- so is the act itself. One shaky, nervous hand motion and you'll wind up with dinner in your lap.



Need we say more?



This isn’t Lady and the Tramp, folks.  Avoid slurping by using a fork and spoon. Trust us, it works.


Carbonated Drinks

We appreciate a good fountain Coke just as much as the next person, but our rule of thumb? If it bloats you enough to float you in a body of water, opt for water instead.



Smiling with the remnants of this leafy green in your teeth is enough to even turn Popeye off.


Garlic, Onions

Most of us know to steer clear of this duo, but it’s hard to do when hidden as a flavor-enhancing ingredients. Raw onions are worse than cooked, with a lingering punch that is much harder to get rid of. Garlic might be handy when looking for a quick exit in a bad date, but if a good night kiss is what you're after, steer clear.


Spicy Foods

Spices and currie and peppers, oh my! For some, sweating through a workout is sexy, but breaking a sweat while eating? Not so much.


Food with Seeds

Fresh strawberries make a great dessert, but the tiny seeds on the skin of this luscious fruit will find their way in every cranny. Hard to miss and even harder to remove, these culprits will have your date staring at your freckled teeth with embarrassment.



Skip the ribs, wings and anything else that will have you wiping a barbeque-encrusted, clown-like ring off your mouth. (Unless your date is a smoking hot cowboy, of course)


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First Published Wed, 2011-07-27 16:45

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