20 Best Apps for Book Lovers

Revamp your reading list, network with fellow bookworms and celebrate your lust for language with these amazing apps

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To download or not to download, that is the question. Forty-one plays, 154 sonnets, six poems, character quotes, a glossary and even supposed portraits of the Bard himself are all available on this free app. Our recommendation: download.

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Your iPhone comes preloaded with this digital library which allows you to search by author, book or category then purchase a book to keep on your virtual bookshelf.

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Car rides just got better: this app for book-on-tape lovers comes with 2,947 free audiobooks. With classics like This Side of Paradise and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, your journey will be just as exciting as your final destination.

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Mad Libs

Channel your inner goofball with digital Mad Libs. It’s as fun, and oddly satisfying, as the original pen and paper game.

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If you turn to your friends for reading recommendations, download Goodreads, a social networking app for bookworms with more than three million members.

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Keep a weightless collection of classics at your fingertips with this elegant app. The pages turn with realistic 3D flips, and a satin bookmark appears to mark your progress between reads.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Stumped by a word while reading? Speak into your phone to learn its meaning or type it into the app's search tool. Our favorite feature: Word of the Day.

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Like TiVo for your phone, this app saves articles and web pages in a text-only format for offline reading. Plus, pesky advertisements are stripped away and you can download and store up to 500 articles.

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Book Crawler

Catalog your entire book collection with this library database. Just scan a book’s barcode or manually input data to add title, author, publisher and cover art info. We love that you can discuss books with people in your community by using the location-based tool.

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If you’ve spied a book that sparks your interest, snap a picture of the cover to get a rating, description and multiple links to compare pricing. You can also use this app for DVDs, CDs or video games.

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Words with Friends

Scrabble devotees can’t put this delightfully addictive word game down. You can play up to 20 games simultaneously against friends or random opponents, and instant messaging within the app keeps the games conversational – and competitive.

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The Iliad and The Odyssey

Personalize Homer’s classic works with this innovative app, which lets you turn pages by tilting your device. Another handy tool: You can select the text color, size and font to maximize readability.

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The Waste Land

This gorgeous app (exclusive to the iPad) brings T.S. Eliot’s classic poem to life with stunning visuals, live performances by actors such as Fiona Shaw (True Blood) and expert analysis from famous poets including Seamus Heaney. You can even examine original manuscript pages to see early edits of the poem by Ezra Pound.

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Jumbline 2

This app boasts three impossible-to-put-down word games. Form as many words as you can out of the scrambled letters before the clock runs out, or play in untimed mode for a more relaxed challenge.

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Instant Poetry

Consider this app the second coming of the magnetic poetry craze. Here, you can create rhyme schemes and stanzas, move and resize words on the screen and set your creation as your phone’s background.

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Fully immerse yourself in your favorite novel with this clever app, which synchronizes audio narration with eBook text. This app is perfect for tired eyes.

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Best Full Jane Austen Collection

Explore Jane Austen’s novels (Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice), letters and unfinished manuscripts with this app. Want to find your favorite quote? Use the easy search button to scan passages.

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Indie Bound

Get insider scoop on the next hot read with this app, which pulls recommendations from independent bookstores. The best feature here: links to nearby indie bookstores so you can support local shops.

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Book Club Mobile

Pull up this useful app at your next book club meeting. It’s crammed with hundreds of reading guide questions and bestseller lists which you can use to choose your next read. Guides are added daily and are free after the one-time app download.

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