14 Essential Travel Apps

Have the best vacation ever with the help of these 14 apps

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Don’t get overwhelmed by rates and confirmation numbers when planning your next trip. The KAYAK.com Mobile App’s user-friendly interface lets you find prices, book your stay, track your flight and more—right on your phone. It will even merge your itineraries into one easy-to-follow agenda.

Around Me

Excellent for those on road trip or in a new city. In the search field type in whatever it is you’re looking for (bagels, deli, Chinese) and Around Me pulls together a list of the closest establishments.



Tap quick links to find restaurant or bars near you, or search based on cuisine and price. So handy, you’ll use it even when you’re not traveling.


Open Table

Make a reservation, anytime, anywhere and accumulate points while doing it.



Use your mobile device as a portable translator. Speak into the phone or type in the sentence and voila, your request is translated. Available in individual language or bundle packages.


Frommer's Travel Tools

A flashlight, city guide, currency convertor and tip calculator—all in one!  Their packing list keeps you organized before, and on the go.


Hotel Tonight

Find last minute deals at mind-blowing rates. Book up until 2am and save 70%.



All the benefits of this popular travel site  in the palm of your hands. Search and book same-day airfare, hotels and cars. (And book cars as little as 30 minutes ahead of pickup!)

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Trip Journal

This app uses your phone’s GPS to document every step you take.  Photos taken with the app are automatically added to your iPhoto gallery, and the notepad lets you keep track of your experiences.



Business execs, your personal travel assistant is here.  TripIt creates a “smartinerary” of all meetings, flight info and dinner reservations in one handy-dandy app.


Gate Guru

Who has time to look at big, cluttered airport maps? GateGuru shows you the best amenities— from food to shopping— near your departing gate.


Fight Track Pro

The best app to keep track of your (or your loved ones) flight information.



The Goby “fun feed” has something for every traveler. With over 350 categories, users will find activities like museums, spas, hiking and more.


On the Menu

Don’t know what a bagna couda is? On the Menu has you covered.  Described as your “extremely knowledgeable waiter,” the app has a growing inventory of items, from basic ingredients to full dishes.



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