Nothing To Wear? Guess Again

Overwhelmed by your wardrobe? Tailor it down like a pro with these helpful hints.

by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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The TODAY Show style contributor Jill Martin, and her partner in fashion crime Dana Ravich, have a new book out called I Have Nothing To Wear: A Painless 12-Step Program to Declutter Your Life So You Never Have To Say This Again (Rodale). From tips on closet organization to advice on what to spend on and where to save, these gals really boil it down. What other wisdom do they impart? Forget about the old rules and instead follow the NEW rules:

1. It’s okay to wear white after Labor Day. Banning the color at the end of the summer? Martin calls this “totally outdated” thinking. She loves crisp white shirts, nubby white sweaters and off-white corduroys, to name a few. The only thing she says is off limits after Labor Day? White shoes.

2. You CAN wear open toe shoes all year around. Try them in the cooler months with opaque tights and usher in a whole new (and improved) chic you.

3. Just say it: No nude pantyhose! Start slathering on the self-tanner and let those legs go bare (or wear hose in a color).

4. Instead of matching, try MISmatching. Break up suit and wear the jacket with jeans or other off-color pants; instead of wearing shoes to coordinate with your bag, try a shoe in a pop of color; instead of perfectly coordinating a scarf, wear an alternate print or color.

5. Forget about seasonal dressing. You won’t wear a down parka on summer’s warmest days, and you’re unlikely to wear a beach cover up in the winter…wait, not so fast! That cover up? Put a cotton turtleneck underneath, throw on some tights and a pair of tall boots, and you have yourself a great transitional outfit for the fall season and beyond. Layers, people, it’s all about layers.

Perhaps the best advice has to do with new purchases. Martin and Ravich say you must think before you buy, and ask these questions: Does it flatter my figure? Express my personality? Is it something I’ll actually wear? Is the color great? Does it make me feel stylish and sophisticated? For those of us who can relate to buyers remorse (oh, the satin pencil skirt in my closet that still has the tags dangling), Martin and Ravich give just the right amount of tough love to help you shop, and dress, better.

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First Published Tue, 2011-08-16 20:50

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