10 Easy Ways to Start Dating Again

Don't let the thought of dating again overwhelm you. Lee Block, a twice-married mom of two and an entrepreneur, shows us the 10 things every woman should know before getting back into the dating game

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Freshen Up

Let's face it: After you've taken care of the kids and everything else that comes with being a single parent, a little freshening up is in order. Get a haircut, buy a new outfit or go for a manicure. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you attract people.


Join Up

Dates will not fall on your doorstep, no matter how hard you wish for them. Join a book club, a running club or a local Meetup group that caters to people in the same boat you're in.


Put Out the Word

Let your friends, family and even neighbors know you're back on the market. You never know who they may come up with, because everyone knows someone nice.


Get Online

The world revolves around the Internet these days, and joining a dating site such as the Post-Divorce Dating Club is a great way to meet like-minded people. If you put up a recent picture and keep your profile light, you will surely attract plenty of attention!


Safety First

Remember some of the safety rules, such as always meet a first date in public, make sure your cell phone is fully charged and let a friend know where you are going and who you are meeting.


Forget Your Ex

Don't spend your first, second or even third date talking about your ex. It is natural that you will compare and contrast, but keep it to yourself to pull out later when you are telling your friends about the date. Your date doesn't want to hear about it, and it is a sure sign that you really aren't ready to be back on the market.


Date Wisely

You don't have to go out with every Tom, Dick or Jane that comes your way. Because you have been there and done that already, take your time and only meet those people who you think you will have something in common with and who you find interesting.


Choose the Right Time for You

Your kids don't need to know that you are going to be dating again, and because you are divorced, you now have the time to date when your kids are with the other parent. Take that time to go out, and when your kids are home, stay home with them and enjoy that time together. They still really need you.


Don't Be Nervous

There is no question that meeting someone new is always nerve racking, but they are probably just as nervous as you are. It's just coffee, dinner or a glass of wine. If it is terrible, what is the worst thing that can happen? You say “Thank you so much” and leave!


Have Fun!

Dating can be fun if you pick the right people to go out with and you are ready for it. It is one more step in your post-divorce recovery that tells you that you’re moving forward with your life in a positive and healthy way.


Lee Block is a multitalented, twice-divorced mom of two who saw a need in the post-divorce community and created a family of sites centered on fulfilling that need.  Lee has successfully launched The Post-Divorce Chronicles, Lee Block.Com, and The Post-Divorce Dating Club, all within a matter of months. Lee writes for the Huffington Post  and was recently recognized by Startup Nation as a Leading Mom in Business in 2011.


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First Published Tue, 2011-09-13 11:32

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