Dog Days: Books for Dog Lovers

Is that a bone in your pocket? Three new books for every breed of dog lover.

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The Purebread: 'Rin Tin Tin' by Susan Orlean

Classically handsome film, TV and radio star Rin Tin Tin has been a canine heartthrob ever since World War I. Orlean probes his stunningly permanent allure. (



The Mutt: 'Love at First Bark' by Julie Klam

Talk about a pickup artist! The author woos strays she meets on the street (“You from around here?”)and takes home more fuzzy love than even she can handle. (


The Noble Savage: 'Part Wild' by Ceridwen Terril

Captivity is no fun for woman or beast, as Terrill discovers when she cuts herself loose from a bad boyfriend and tries to domesticate a wolf dog. (



First Published Wed, 2011-09-14 09:00

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