Headline Heroine: Move Over, Jon Stewart?

Meet Suzanne Sena, female anchor of fake news for Onion News Network.

By Linda Yellin

Another crack in the glass ceiling: Fake news on TV has a female anchor. Her nom de tube is Brooke Alvarez, and she stars on the Onion News Network (ONN), a show that proudly calls itself a “30-minute nonstop news assault.”

Brooke is played by former E! News Daily reporter and Fox News anchor Suzanne Sena, who says she based the character on “a combo of newscasters I’ve seen over the years,” including Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly. It was O’Reilly whom she channeled during the audition. “I was fresh off Fox News, so the script came out in my Fox News voice; it was quite funny, and they loved it.”

ONN, which airs on the IFC channel Tuesday nights, mocks the cable-news battles over who displays the biggest bias. “We’re on record that we speak 33 percent faster and 33 percent louder than any other newscasters,” Sena says. “Brooke’s mission is to inform the ignorant masses and grace them with her beauty and intelligence. She lacks emotion, but that only helps her to succeed.”

News shows are notorious for discarding female anchors when they reach a certain age. Asked if fake news will be more enlightened, Sena replies, “For my sake, let’s hope so.”

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First Published Thu, 2011-09-15 12:40

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