The REAL Man of My Dreams

You know you want him. We all do!

by Debbie Nigro • Guest Writer { View Profile }
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The door buzzer goes off. He's here!

OMG, I am soooo ready for him.

He said he could only make it on Friday.
I cancelled all my previous plans and made sure I was home early.
I straightened the house and Windexed the bathrooms.

I know he just knows.
He will bring my smile back.
Almost the kind of smile Stella got when she got her groove back.

I greet him warmly and led him inside.
He gasps in disbelief.
I gasp at his gasp.
We sit close and stare together.
Will this moment lead to a happy ending?
Yes . . . my computer is back working again!

The man who means the most to me these days is . . .
The man who can fix my computer when I blow it up!
Thank you, MyComputerGuy, for bringing my smile back.
Now I can get back to focusing on getting my groove back.

Hormonally Yours,
Debbie Nigro

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First Published Thu, 2011-10-06 15:04

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