Freedom Fighters

Two riveting new books about women fighting for freedom.

By the MORE Books Editors

Uncompromised by Nada Prouty

Prouty has loved America ever since she arrived in Detroit 22 years ago, as a Lebanese student es-
caping her parents’ emotional cruelty.So why was she labeled Jihad Jane by the media? In her dramatic memoir, she details the years she worked as an FBI and CIA agent andthe betrayal she felt in 2005 when federal investigators accused her of collaborating with terrorists. Eventually exonerated, Prouty remains a fierce yet wary patriot. —Caryn James

A Train in Winter by Caroline Moorehead

Of the 230 women who were arrested in 1942 for their efforts to undermine the Nazis in occupied France, only 49 survived the war. These impassioned avatars of the French Resistance distributed antifascist periodicals and served as liaison officers before being deported to Birkenau. As chronicled by Moorehead with unblinking accuracy, their agonies are appalling to contemplate, their stories of survival and friendship under duress enthralling to hear.—Jan Stuart

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First Published Tue, 2011-10-18 16:30

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