12 Innovative Anti-Aging Beauty Buys

These potent formulas aren't all hype. With extensive scientific research behind them, they'll put you on the fast track to smooth skin and shiny strands

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Complexion Perfection

When it comes to antioxidants, more is more (not that we're biased). Radical Skincare's Peptide-Infused Antioxidant Serum ($170; Click to Buy) combines potent fruit extracts such as açai berry, pomegranate and resveratrol to fight harmful free radicals. The result: antioxidant protection is 300 percent more concentrated than leading brands and increases the skin's elasticity, firmness and collagen production.

Courtesy of Radical Skincare

Get Glossy

Acids and bases aren't just for high school chem class. Julien Farel's Restore Treatment (from $25; Click to Buy) brings hair back to its optimal pH of 4.5 for a soft, shiny finish. Neutral water causes brittleness or dryness, but by taking hair back to its acidic roots (pun intended), the formula seals the cuticle to lock in moisture, strengthen strands and add a healthy sheen.

Courtesy of Julian Farel

Beauty, Inside and Out

You are what you eat—for beauty, that means a liquid supplement is just as necessary as a potent moisturizer. Created by beauty maven Sue Devitt and dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot (of The F-Factor Diet fame), iO Beauty Booster ($38; Click to Buy) is a surprisingly yummy blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and Equis AV, a natural ingredient that boosts elasticity and collagen. Drink a few drops and mix it with moisturizer to get a one-two punch of wrinkle-fighting goodness.

Courtesy of iO Beauty

Brightening Up

Is an uneven complexion putting a dark spot on your day? Repêchage Biolight Brightening Daytime Protection Cream ($95; Click to Buy) is the ultimate multitasker: Its ingredients increase cell turnover, reduce melanin activity and protect skin from the environment. Skin gets even—and stays that way.

Courtesy of Repêchage

Radiance Regimen

Dr. Barney Kenet, dermatologist to stars such as Gina Gershon, is all for democratizing red carpet-ready skin. His Anti-Aging Kit ($95; Click to Buy) includes two face washes for alternate days of the week and sunscreen. The stand-out product: a pH polisher that brings skin back to its optimal acidity, which hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines. And if that's not enough to convince you: Sandra Bullock is a fan.

Courtesy of Kenet MD Skincare

Skin So Soft

Winter weather is rolling in, and it's ready to sap the moisture out of your pores. Fortunately, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($28; Click to Buy) uses oatmeal to soothe skin and an antioxidant booster to fend off irritation. It's a rich but lightweight moisturizer you'll want to slather on (but it's so effective that you won't have to).

Courtesy of First Aid Beauty

Laser in a Bottle

Get laser-quality looks—without the laser. LaseResults Exfoliating & Hydrating Cleanser ($36; Click to Buy) contains a patent-pending CRV-8 complex, which improves skin texture and firmness while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Part makeup remover, part wrinkle-fighting formula, this cleanser is a win-win.

Courtesy of LaseResults

Clear Up, Cheer Up

If you have acne flare-ups, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are no strangers. Clearogen's Acne Lotion ($32; Click to Buy) has an additional mode of defense: natural ingredients block DHT, the enzyme that stimulates oil production and consequently clogs pores. It targets the source in order to rejuvenate and clear skin.

Courtesy of Clearogen

Bright Eyes

Beauty meets Marine Biology 101: micro-algae live deep in the ocean and, without sun to photosynthesize, rely on cell regeneration to survive. Algenist Complete Renewal Eye Balm ($65; Click to Buy) harnesses the alguronic acid behind this phenomenon. The ingredient tightens and lifts skin to create that youthful, wide-eyed look.

Courtesy of Algenist

Lend a Helping Hand

Crow's feet and frown lines get the spotlight, but hands are oft-overlooked signifiers of age. Revision Skincare's Lumiquin ($48; Click to Buy) fades age spots and reduces melanin deposits with the help of a potent form of licorice root extract. Plus, botanical compounds plump hands (which don't have the über-hydrating oil production of facial pores) so you can get a firm grasp on youth.

Courtesy of Revision Skincare

Steering Clear

Benzoyl peroxide is already an acne-fighting staple, so what's the news? Obagi Clenziderm Therapeutic Lotion ($65; Click to Buy) has a new soluble form of the ingredient. It's 10,000 (yes, you read that right) times smaller than any other benzoyl peroxide available, allowing it to penetrate pores and kill bacteria more easily.

Courtesy of Obagi

So Fresh, So Clean

For a natural, eco-friendly kick in your routine, the AnthroSpa Logic Cleansing Balm ($43; Click to Buy) nourishes and exfoliates for a radiant complexion. Instead of irritating chemical preservatives or harsh cleansing agents, the balm comes dehydrated (just add water to lather) and contains luxe ingredients like rice bran and pearl powder.


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