Psst! Can You Keep a Secret for 30 Minutes?

New survey finds that’s about the limit before women start spreading the word.

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Ben Franklin knew what he was talking about when he said three may keep a secret if two of them are dead. And, it turns out, those people had better kick the bucket within 32 minutes of hearing the gossipy dish: That’s the average amount of time a woman goes before she spreads the dirt, a new survey finds.

London’s Daily Mail reports the survey conducted for Simple, a skin-care company, finds that, in addition to the half-hour time limit on keeping secrets, one in 10 respondents say they can’t keep a secret at all, 85 percent say they love gabbing about gossip, nearly 50 percent say they just need to get secrets off their chests and 13 percent say they actually really want to share some secrets so word will get out.

So, what’s our deepest, darkest secret? Yeah, right. We’re not the killing type, so we’re taking ole Ben’s advice: We’ll never tell.

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First Published Tue, 2011-11-15 09:57

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