Miss Piggy: "Moi? Aging?"

The star of the film 'The Muppets'—and the new face of MAC Cosmetics—dishes on stardom, beauty and how she attained her trademark self-confidence.

by Susan Toepfer
Photograph: Courtesy of Disney

Style, talent, verve—is there any positive attribute Miss Piggy doesn’t possess? (Okay, we’ll give you modesty. And self-control.) Recently named the new face of MAC cosmetics, the long-lashed icon also stars in The Muppets (opening Nov. 23), the first feature film from that furred and feathered troupe in 12 years. Amid a hectic schedule of self-maintenance and self-promotion, Miss Piggy graciously took time to talk to More about the subject closest to her heart: herself.

More: You have been a star for a very long time. To what do you attribute your carer longevity?
Miss Piggy:  A long time? Oh no dear, vous must have moi confused with some other legendary beautiful and talented actress and international star; someone like Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor (was she a Hepburn, too?). Moi is a mere ingĂ©nue, at the very dawn of my career. And yet, I have accomplished so much that your misapprehension is excusable.  Let us just say that I have achieved and maintained my fame by being myself. In a word, fabulous!

More: Do you feel more freedom now than you did in your twenties?
M.P.: I am in my twenties….However, I do believe that as one gets older, one does become more sure of their selves, more confident in the choices they make, more free in saying to the world: “This is me, buster! Take it or leave it, but get out of my way!”  Fortunately, I came to that attitude early on, and continue to live by it every single day.

More: How is your life today more fulfilling?
M.P.: Oh, there is the material comfort, of course: I have more places to put stuff, and more stuff to put in those places. And naturally, there is the whole  “fame” issue—being recognized, honored and adored wherever I go. (It’s a chore, but it sure beats obscurity.) However, neither of these things is as fulfilling as the company of those I love and respect. Being with, for instance, my frog, Kermie, gives me great joy. As does being with my close personal friends (see the Celebrity A-List for complete list of names). Personal fulfillment doesn’t come from what you have and what you’ve done; it comes from those around you who love you for who you are (as well as for what you have and what you’ve done).

More: What do you value in yourself now that you didn’t when you were younger?
M.P.: Confidence. I know this will be difficult to believe, but when I was very young, I would wonder if I had what it takes to be somebody in this world. Ha-ha-hah! It’s laughable to think of now; I mean, with moi's looks, talent, personality, not to mention, my je ne sais quoi, whatever that means—obviously I was destined for fame and success. So now, I embrace my confidence. I know who I am and what I am capable of.  And, oh yes, I’m very humble, too.

More: Can you share any beauty secrets?
M.P.: Here are just a few: (1) GOOD LIGHTING: if you’re well lit, you’ll always look fantastique.  I always travel with a lighting director, key grip and a cinematographer, to make sure my lighting is perfect. I also travel with a best boy, but that’s got nothing to do with lighting. (2) ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Make sure you attend to every aspect of your beauty regimen. There is nothing worse than going out wearing one false eyelash. (3) THE COMPANY YOU KEEP: If you have natural beauty, like some of us are blessed with, you will look lovely no matter what. However, if your beauty could use some help, I suggest hanging around people who are…uh, aesthetically challenged. That’s why you see moi around the Muppets; standing next to those weirdos, anyone would look great.

More: Gloria Steinem says that telling your age is a form of coming out. So: How old are you, anyway?
M.P.: Younger than Gloria Steinem.

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First Published Wed, 2011-11-16 10:39

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