Best Holiday Hairstyles

’Tis the season to shine at all the holiday parties with these easy hair ideas inspired by celebrities. Find the perfect holiday hairstyle in one of these party-ready looks

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Amy Adams

Let your hair down after work—literally. Pull hair into a low bun for the office, then unwind it before the holiday cocktail party for perfectly wavy strands.

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Sandra Bullock

If bed-head's got you down, use the extra volume and texture to your advantage. Drag fingers through hair and tie into a ponytail for a chic, I-just-woke-up-looking-this-great style.

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Charlize Theron

Curly girls (or those who can wield a curling iron like a pro) can get a classic, old Hollywood look with a messy bun at the nape of the neck and a deep side part. A few loose strands give it extra glamour.

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Nicole Kidman

Braids are the perfect way to tame unwieldy locks. With a single long braid over your shoulder, you'll be more high-fashion than Heidi. 

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Heidi Klum

With a healthy dab of gel and a few bobby pins, a sleek, modern updo can be yours. Extra points for braiding the ponytail before wrapping it in a bun. Statement earrings are optional.

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Kate Winslet

Don't settle for the standard gym-ready ponytail. Tease hair at the crown and sweep hair back to create this sophisticated, one-step style.

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Jessica Alba

What separates this from the usual half-up, half-down hairstyle? Loosely-gathered strands that soften an always-chic (but sometimes unforgiving) center part.

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Zoë Saldana

Getting bored with a shorter style? Use bobby pins to wrap little twists and form a pretty faux bun. A texturizing paste will work wonders to keep it in place throughout the evening.

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Christie Brinkley

Set your hair in hot rollers while you pour rourself some bubbly. A light hold gel will create volume at the crown for a look with va-va-voom.

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Salma Hayek

Farah Fawcett-worthy waves meet the millennium. A shorter cut and subtle ombré strands make them modern and fresh, but no less sexy.

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Claire Danes

For a low-key look, a ballerina topknot is easy, simple and flattering. Just leave some volume in the crown and a few stray strands to keep it from looking too "done."

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Kyra Sedgwick

The best of both worlds: short, face-framing layers are soft and forgiving, while a sleek ponytail in the back is polished and neat.

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Diane Kruger

Love romantic braids, but don't have the time or coordination to do them yourself? A single thin braid works double-time to add feminine detail and hold back unkempt bangs.

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Julie Bowen

What's better than a classic knot at your nape? One that's slightly off-kilter: It's classic and a bit kooky—in a good way.

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Kirsten Dunst

Do the twist: If you're trying to grow out bangs, this style is as alluring as it is simple. Starting from the front of a deep part, just roll hair tightly and secure with a pin. 

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Gwen Stefani

A French twist will channel Grace Kelly classic at a holiday soirée. If you're not as daring as Gwen, feel free to lay off the dramatic volume. Just pull hair into a ponytail, twist, and hold with bobby pins.

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Jennifer Lopez

If you want to shine but don't have time for an elaborate style, try a sleek and smooth half-updo. Pull hair back just at the crown and leave long layers loose.

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Beyoncé Knowles

How to make a ponytail insta-seductive: pull it to the side and keep it low. Just add a little volumizer to the ends so that it doesn't fall flat.

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Drew Barrymore

Two great things about braids: they look like you put a lot of time into them, and the messier they get, the better you look. Starting at a side part, make a French braid along the crown, or cut yourself some slack and pop into a braid bar.

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Jennifer Aniston

The quickest fix of all: pinning bangs to the side. It's feminine and flattering, and, with an extra-sparkly bobby pin, you can show your holiday cheer at a festive fête.


Now that your hair is set, go get dressed in our favorite pieces for the holiday season.


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