Salvation Army Donations: Dimes, Dollars and Diamond Rings

The annual red kettle campaign is already bringing in some serious holiday cheer this year.

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Not to sound all Grinch, but that incessant ringing of Salvation Army bells can sometimes put a damper on our holiday spirit. Thank goodness there are real-life Santas out there to bring back the cheer.

Today reports the 2011 Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign has already brought in some pretty impressive donations, from a $5,000 diamond ring to gold and silver coins.

“It’s a true Christmas spirit when you get the coins, just because somebody cares enough to really make a sacrifice to donate,” Steve Schroeder, development director for the Salvation Army in Bloomington, Indiana, told WEEK-TV, according to the news show.

Want to give, but no cash or jewels on hand? No problem. The news show adds that bell-ringers, who helped drum up more than $142 million for the needy in 2010, will be happy to take donations via credit card–reading smartphones. 

Think there's any chance they could exchange those bells for a nice holiday ring tone?

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First Published Wed, 2011-12-07 23:57

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