Best Haircuts for 2012

Want one of the best hairstyles of the year? Get inspired by these celebrities' short bangs, pixie cuts, angled bobs, bouncy curls and more

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Ali Larter

The only thing better than a bob is an angled bob. It complements oval- and heart-shaped faces—and is a fresh, edgy take on a classic.

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Penelope Cruz

Short bangs do take maintenance, but there's no prettier way to channel Audrey Hepburn.

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Carey Mulligan

Short hair can be versatile: with strands smartly slicked back, a cropped cut moonlights as a faux-updo.

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Reese Witherspoon

Classic side-swept bangs are perfect for the all-grown-up girl-next-door.

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A pretty twist and bouncy curls give the pop queen a glamorous, Old-Hollywood vibe.

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Brooklyn Decker

A classic bob flatters the actress's face shape and helps her stand out in the gorgeous and blonde crowd (although she didn't exactly need help with that).

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Nicole Kidman

Kidman's long, layered cut is polished and simple, proving that sometimes less is more.

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Cobie Smulders

The How I Met Your Mother star garnered attention (and plenty of compliments, we're guessing) with a pretty flapper-inspired chop.

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Michelle Williams

A pixie cut takes Williams from "pretty girl" to "serious style-setter."

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Alyssa Milano

If you have the stick-straight strands to pull it off, a sharply-layered style is super chic.

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Rachel McAdams

Growing out long bangs? McAdams doesn't sweat it—she just disguises them with a cute center-part.

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Drew Barrymore

Barrymore embraces her curls (and ditches the ombré hair color) with a gorgeous layered 'do.

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Sandra Bullock

Blunt-cut bangs are a fresh update for Bullock.

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Michelle Pfeiffer

Choppy layers in Pfeiffer's waves create an overall vibrant, youthful look. The result? Farah Fawcett's iconic hair meets the 21st century.

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Emma Stone

Graduated layers give some life and movement to Stone's deep side part. Bonus: This looks good on just about everyone.

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Katy Perry

A sharp, single-layer bob is a risk, but one that comes with the payoff of looking instantly polished and put-together—even with a pink tint.

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Halle Berry

So Berry's pixie isn't exactly new, but we couldn't resist this flattering and playful faux hawk.

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Jennifer Aniston

The long, grown-out bob is one of the best cuts...ever. Leave it to the girl who started "the Rachel" to set off the trend.

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Jennifer Hudson

From her newly-svelte figure to a set of lash-grazing, face-flattering bangs, Jennifer Hudson is clearly on a style roll.

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Dianna Agron

The Glee actress chopped off her blonde locks to match her character's rebellious turn, but we consider it sweet and sophisticated off-screen.


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