Best Apps for Weight Loss

 Ring in the New Year with a flat stomach.

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Get Moving

Form a virtual running team and track your runs using your smartphone's GPS with RunKeeper.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RunKeeper

Count Your Calories

Stay accountable by tracking your food intake using My Net Diary.


Price: $3.99 on iPhone and Android, $9.99 on iPad, free on Blackberry but requires a membership


Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Stay Motivated

Your friends can cheer you on while you run by liking or commenting on your status with Nike+ GPS App.


Price: $1.99


Available on: iPhone 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nike

Stick to Your Diet Plan

Use Tap & Track to shop for and follow your favorite diet, whether it be Atkins, South Beach, or Protein Power.


Price: $3.99


Available on: iPhone, iPod and iPad

Photo Credit: Nanobit Software

Find Support

You'll find motivation in your friends' weight loss success stories with My Fitness Pal.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone, iTouch, iPod, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry devices and Windows 7 devices

Find Time to Exercise

Set up a small, manageable goal with Marble Jar.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone, Android coming in January

Don't Forget Strength Training

Create a weight lifting routine, schedule and track your sets with Gym Buddy.


Price: $2.99


Available on: iPhone



Photo Courtesy of auremar /

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of auremar /

Plan Out Your Meals

Don't be tempted by fast foods. Create a meal plan with Food on the Table


Price: Free


Available on: iTunes, Android devices

Let Your Eyes be the Judge

Snap pictures of what's on your plate before you consume it with The Eatery.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone

Keep Those Snacks Healthy

It's a food slot machine. With Shake a Snack, you get over 300 healthy snack recipes.


Price: $.99


Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Photo Credit: Courtesy of JuggleFit LLC

Get Enough Sleep

Weight loss can be difficult if you're not getting enough shut eye. Track your sleep stats on iHome + Sleep.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Photo Credit: Courtesy of iHome

Build Muscle Tone

Can't afford a personal trainer? Try doing sit-ups with CrunchFu on your chest. It'll give you feedback on your form.


Price: $.99


Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch

Photo Credit: Courtesy of

Turn Yourself Into a Runner

You'll be ready for your first road race in nine weeks with Couch to 5K.


Price: $2.99


Available on: iPhone




Photo courtesy of Maridav /

Photo courtesy of Maridav /

Target Core Muscles

Use iMuscle to find exercises that strengthen core muscle groups.


Price: $1.99


Available on: iPhone, iPad

Photo Credit: Courtesy of iMuscle

Set a Weight Loss Goal

Figure out your weight loss goal and stick to it with Lose It!.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone, iPod, Android phones and tablets, the Kindle Fire, and the web

Photo Credit: Courtesy of FitNow, Inc.

Stay on Track While Eating Out

Order smart when eating out with Restaurant Nutrition.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone



Photo courtesy of iofoto /

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of iofoto /

Pay Attention to What You're Eating

Nutritional information is at your fingertips with's Calorie Tracker.


Price: $2.99


Available on: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows phones

Photo Credit: Courtesy of

Stay Engaged

Designed like a video game, Body Fate will keep you engaged--and toned, using what equipment is available to you.


Price: $1.99


Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Photo Credit: Max Miceli

Read Labels

Better yet, use your smartphone to scan the barcode and let Fooducate do it for you.


Price: Free


Available on: iPhone, Android

Drink Tracker

Kick the coffee habit (or the soda) and get some water in your body with Drink Tracker.


Price: $.99


Available on: iPhone




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