Find Your Best Haircut in Your 60's

Here, the haircut secrets every 60-something must know.

By Christine Fellingham
In your sixties, fringy bangs help hide forehead lines—and layers add oomph on top.
Photograph: Philip Newton

Good news for you: Hair calms down again during this decade. “There may be more of the same changes—continued graying, a little thinning—but once menopause is over, hair stabilizes,” says Cunnane-Phillips. “Now you know what you’re working with.”

What to pay attention to: changes in your body. “Your neck may become a little shorter. You may lose an inch or so off your height,” says Mirmirani. And facial changes will accelerate. “As you get into your sixties, you start to notice loss of fullness in your face,” she adds. “Your features may appear to droop. Your lips are thinning. Everything is moving down—the corners of your eyes, mouth, sometimes even your nose.”

The right cut now should help elongate your body and “lift” your features. “It’s a good time to add height inthe crown,” says Hunt. “If the fifties are the decade to add fullness and width, the sixties are a good time to consider cuts that add height. Gravity is pulling everything down, so you want a cut that defies gravity in essence and brings everything up.” The length can be short or long—but you should pay attention to how it affects your silhouette. “Let’s say that most of yourlife, you wore a long bob that hit your shoulders,” says Hunt. “Well, if your neck is getting a little shorter, you may have to take it up a fewinches so it doesn’t look as ifyour head is sitting on your shoulders. It’s a subtle change,but it makes a huge difference.”

Another lifting trick? Style your hair so the sides go back and away from your face. “I encourage clients with longer hair to push the sides back like Lauren Bacall,” says Hunt. “She wears it swept back and over the ears a bit. It opens up your face, lifts your eyes and flatters your neck. You can keep a wisp in the front so you don’t feel naked, but you want to get the bulk of the hair off your face, off your shoulders.”

What you don’t want to do is hide behind a curtain of hair. “As more wrinkles appear around the eyes and forehead, some women want to cover their foreheads with thick bangs or have long bobs that hang in their faces. But you don’t want to look like Carol Channing,” says Hunt. “You can’t be afraid. By hiding too much, you’re really drawing the wrong kind of attention. Use Goldie Hawn as an example. She does have those long bangs, but the rest of her hair is quite layered, so it isn’t too heavy around her face.”

That said, don’t assume that you can’t have longer hair. “Lauren Hutton is a great ex-ample of a woman in her sixties whose longish hair is working,” says Hershberger. “It’s natural and bohemian and has great texture.” “You want the cut to be modern, to be cool, but you want it to really be you,” says Tricomi. “At this point in your life, your look should say that you know who you are.”  

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First Published Thu, 2012-01-05 11:59

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