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by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Photograph: Diane von Furstenberg

Perhaps I’m drowning in the black, browns and grays of the winter months, but lately all I can think about is color. I’m currently neon-obsessed (want proof? Just click here), and although some who are close to me fear I am having a teen moment, neon takes me to my happy place faster than a margarita (and that’s saying something). But I’m loving other colors as well, and here’s why: Color is uplifting, color is flattering on the skin, and color is, alas, a welcome pop among all the dark hues in your closet.

I’ve had a love affair with green for as long as I can remember (longer actually, as my family says I requested a green dress at the age of three, which predates my memory bank), and I’ve been drawn to all things green ever since. I’m always shopping for fabulous green items—to a ridiculous degree, some might say—but as I consider it my signature color, I feel I can’t have enough (the color isn’t always in fashion, so when it becomes a trend-of-the-moment, I pounce). You know what else? I’m certain the color looks good on me. Why? Because every time I wear it I get loads of compliments.

Hence, green is a win-win: it makes me happy on a personal level, and looks good on me. My message is simple: Find your color. To recap, you want something that makes you feel great when you wear it, and also garners unsolicited compliments from complete strangers. Once you know what your color is, go out and get yourself a few pieces and work them into your look. So simple, yet so good.

Diane von Furstenberg dress, $238;

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First Published Wed, 2012-01-11 10:23

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