The Back to Work Divorcee

We know you're feeling down and out, but that doesn't mean you should drown your sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Here's how to stay healthy and positive in the days after a split

by Lois Tarter • Divorce Expert/ Divorce Party Planner
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The New Year is here and making some positive steps forward for a new you is probably at the top of your list. If you’re recently divorced and this is your first year on your own, it might be more important than ever to make significant changes.

We spend most of our hours during the week at work, so many of the changes should begin right there at the office. If you want to lose weight and have increased energy, it’s essential that you spend most of your day in the healthiest way possible.  It’s not news that we should exercise and eat better, but the challenge is working it into our work schedule. Sure, it’s hard to get started and stay with it. However, if you make it part of your daily routine, then it becomes an important habit you won’t want to shake. Here, seven ways to start the year off right for a new you, Monday through Friday. Trust me, you'll be happy once the weekend comes!

Start It Up: Beginning the day with a solid breakfast can make the rest of the day run much more smoothly hunger-wise.  It’s good to have the majority of your carbs first thing in the morning, so you burn it off during the day.   

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch): You’re newly divorced, so you’re probably interested in watching two things -- your budget and your weight. Packing a lunch is key in this area. Work stresses often cause us to crave the wrong things when we’re hungry. By packing a lunch, you know what you’re having every day. Also, it can be much less expensive to bring food from home rather than eat out.

Quick Bites: Keeping some snacks on-hand at the office is a good idea in case the day goes longer than expected. Vending machines at companies usually offer things that are not very good for your health.  

Shake It Up: If you have to go to an after work function where you know there will be lots of food that you shouldn’t be eating, a great way to curb the craving and stop you from reaching is to have a protein shake right before you go. Find a juice bar close to the office and order something healthy. This will help you avoid the passed hors d'oeuvre’s passing by you.  

Body Language: A workout after work is something that will not only get you in shape, but will help you release the frustrations of the day you just survived. Try to go right after you leave work instead of stopping at home first. Many times you will sit on the couch for a moment and after a long day not get up.  I suggest that you keep it moving until you get home for the night.

Positive People:  Surrounding yourself with positive people who have a great outlook on life is of the utmost importance for 2012 and beyond. After getting through a difficult divorce process, it’s time to be around the ones in your life that encourage you to be all that you can be.

Deep Sleep: Getting a solid night’s sleep is something that’s never overrated. There’s nothing like waking up and feeling fresh.  Try to turn in early so you put your best foot forward for tomorrow because it’s a new day!



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Photo courtesy of Mincemeat/

First Published Fri, 2012-01-20 16:40

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