Things We Love: Our Pets!

Take a look at the cuddly, furry, four-legged creatures the MORE editors can't get enough of

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"Rosie, our beagle mix, is a very sweet rescue dog. We think she’s making up for lost time by cuddling up every chance she gets." -- Nikki Ostasiewski, associate beauty editor


"My Portuguese water dog always looks dapper in his black tie ensemble. He’s obsessed with swimming and at 50lbs still insists he’s a lap dog, which I love!" -- Tara Dolan, fashion market director


"Dropped off at our doorstep many years ago by his young, overwhelmed mother, Woes seems to carry the weight of the world on his small shoulders. But beneath that jaded exterior lies a softie: He adores basking in the sun, gazing out the windows and nuzzling his main squeeze (that would be me)." -- Nancy Stedman, deputy health editor


"Offer him a cookie, and he’ll be your best friend. He’s also quite the cuddler—when he’s not yapping his pretty little Pomeranian head off." -- Nicole Papantoniou, web assistant


"I’ve never met an animal with more personality or energy than this one! She likes to pretend she’s ferocious, but it’s all an act. All she wants to do is cuddle." -- Jamie Miles, editorial assistant


"Here's Gup (pug spelled backwards) dressed as Coco Chanel for Halloween. She loves her accessories." -- Becky MacCurtain, accessories editor


"Oscar is not a “lap cat“ but he has the sweetest temperment you can imagine. He follows me wherever I go when I’m at home. He loves to watch me make the bed or iron a shirt. He has never hissed and comes to get me at 10 pm each night to get his bedtime snack. My favorite thing about him, besides his personality and his striped coat, is that he has a short snout which makes him look like he is perpetually smiling." -- Debra Bishop, creative director


"Annie, hound dog (beagle mix? plothound? who knows), champion snuggler who turns into a vacuum cleaner when out for a walk. Her nose does not leave the ground." -- Stephanie Von Hirschberg, features editor

Gus (left), Olde English Bulldogge ,and Willow, Miniature Australian Shepherd

"Mainly, Willow stays with our daughter, but she lived with us for three years, so she’s a frequent visitor. Oddly, she accepted the big galoot Gus at once. Now they’re frenemies, basically annoyed by each other, but teaming up when dangers like doorbells  and kitchen timers strike." -- Susan Toepfer, entertainment and features editor

Stan (left) and Ollie (right)

"We adopted brothers Stan and Ollie (cream-colored, flame-point Himalayans) back in 2004. Like the comedians for whom they are named, Stan is shy, sweet and impy, while Ollie is bigger, bolder and the undeniable boss of the pair!" -- Nanette Varian, features editor


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