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by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Photograph: Courtesy of DKNY

Allow me a moment to pop on my practical hat: I love cardigan sweaters, and I always have. They're the unsung heroines of functional fashion, I tell you, and they are sadly overlooked. A cardigan is comfortable yet polished, and in an instant it adds warmth, color and texture to everything from jeans to a little black dress. I have quite a collection, as you may have guessed, and some I've had for many, many years (they hold up AND they're trend-proof!). For one, I'm always cold, and for another, I like the coverage (no one would confuse my arms with Kyra Sedgewick's, if you get my gist). Recently I pulled out an oldie but goodie—a DKNY cardigan-ish piece (at left, $195; that's a hybrid between a sweater and a wrap (they call it a “Cozy”). Oh the joy! I feel like I've rekindled an old flame. The color is great (mine is emerald green, my favorite hue), the length is perfection, and it can be wrapped or tied in a million different ways. Go get yourself one, you won't be sorry.

Go! Buy! Be chic!

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First Published Wed, 2012-02-01 14:48

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