When Facebook Friends Collide

by Debbie Nigro • Guest Writer { View Profile }
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Technology has totally reversed the way people make friends.

In the past, you would meet someone first, then get to know them. Now you get to know them, their family, their friends, their pets. You stare at their vacation pictures. And then maybe accidentally bump into to them somewhere.

I walked past a guy in a local drugstore recently and immediately recognized him as my "friend"--except for the ridiculous fact that I didn't know him.

A really likeable interesting guy online, he became my "friend" though another friend. I smiled immediately when I spotted him.

"Hey aren't you so-and-so, my Facebook friend?" I blurted.

He stopped and, sure enough, he was!

Sweet guy. We shared a warm hello and a laugh. I knew a lot about him from reading his ongoing posts (as I'm sure he has read mine). After all we are "friends."

Gotta admit it felt a little bizarre actually seeing that face person, with a pulse.

Even more bizarre was when I realized that the woman who was shopping with, who also walked over to share a warm hello, was someone I actually did know but never realized was involved with this particular "friend." Then I met the kids.

It was a very fun verbal exchange done in bad drugstore lighting, so it crossed my mind that they probably thought I looked nothing like my "face" on Facebook.

Because who goes to the drugstore on a Sunday looking like their Facebook picture?

Hormonally Yours,

Debbie Nigrofounder, stillababe.com

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First Published Wed, 2012-02-01 16:44

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