7 Ways to Spring Back into Action After a Divorce

If you're a recent divorcee, congratulations. You've officially made it through what I like to call the “big four”—Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.  Those four holidays can make even the most determined and focused divorcee cringe.  The great news is that you’ve gotten past them and you’re still standing. I’ve been there myself and once you finally make it through, you feel like you can do anything.  So what’s up next on the agenda?  Spring!

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A New Beginning

Just like your new life, spring is a new beginning with lots of opportunities at hand.  It’s a chance for you to come alive once again and blossom just like the flowers blooming all around you.  Don’t let this opportunity or the weather fall by the wayside.  Get out there and start living life again.  Here, I've outlined seven ways for you to get the spring back in your step.



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Walk the Walk

Long walks are a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the spring weather. I suggest giving back to those in need on your walks.  Look for a charitable cause that’s close to your heart and sign up for a walk that benefits it.  I did that recently and the energy I felt from the people was incredible.



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Talk the Talk

Get out there and meet people. You have been thinking and talking about doing it all winter long, so start meeting new people this spring.  With the gorgeous weather upon us, the door is open to any kind of adventure you want to take part in.   



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Plant Yourself Firmly On The Ground

Spring and divorce are both about growth.  I recommend planting a tree or flowering plant to mark the beginning of your new life as a single woman.  You can watch it grow just as you do.



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Start a New Hobby

This is a great way to enjoy some time alone.  You may have always wanted to paint, so now that the canvas is clear in your life start creating something new on all fronts.  If you always wanted to write a novel, sit under a tree with a notebook in a nearby park and feel the inspiration.    



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Spring Clean Your Cell Phone

It’s time to clean out your phone.  It’s sort of like the mind-set you have about the old clothes in your closet.  You need to start fresh and get rid of what doesn’t suit you any longer.  If someone in your phone wasn’t there for you during your divorce, then hit the delete button. You need to have people around you who are there in the good times and bad.



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Find Your New Look

Speaking of clothes, it’s time to show off the new you.  The dress that shows off the curves that you’ve been working on all winter is ready to be put on.  The daring hairstyle you’ve been thinking about getting needs to become a reality.  Spring is all about the new you springing into action. 



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Take a Day Trip... or Two.... or Three

If you have children, make sure you take lots of day trips with them.  It will take all of your minds off of the breakup.  It’s time to present new vistas to you and your offspring.


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