Is the Office Food Pusher Making You Fat?

Survey finds 29 percent of dieters feel pressured to break diets at work

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

You’ve tried cutting carbs, shunning sugar and ditching dairy, but maybe it’s your job that’s making you fat—and you can hardly quit showing up to work. You can, however, figure out how to politely say no to the goodies your coworkers seem to endlessly parade in front of you. Hey, we never said it would be easy.

The Wall Street Journal reports a new survey from Medi-Weightloss Clinics in Tampa, Florida, finds 29 percent of dieters say their coworkers “pressure them to eat more, make fun of their diets or order them restaurant food they know isn’t on their diets.”

“Social contacts can be extremely powerful,” Tricia Leahey, lead author of the study, tells the newspaper, adding that while positive vibes from friends can help you stick with a weight-loss plan, discouragement from colleagues can lead to diet failures. “It cuts both ways.”

So next time Bob from accounting brings in his famous homemade fudge brownies, just say no—even if he turns into Mr. Food Pusher from hell. It’s not going to his hips, now, is it?

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First Published Wed, 2012-03-14 22:43

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