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Visits to the spa are a treat, period. But the Chakra Rebalancing treatment at the Paul Labrecque salon and spa in New York City is a whole other bag of Nirvana. Read on to find out what kind of bliss awaits. . .

Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa

Self-help gurus are always telling us to take time for ourselves. But with a full-time job and a son who plays on two hockey teams, so-called "me-time" often feels like a pipedream.

So when a holiday weekend presented me with 24 hours of work (and hockey)-free time, I jumped at the chance to visit the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa at the Core Club in midtown Manhattan and experience their Chakra Rebalancing treatment. What I was promised: dry brush exfoliation, a conditioning treatment for my hair, a full body massage, Reiki, reflexology—and some energy balancing courtesy of strategically-placed crystals. Because I visit a spa so infrequently, I figured I'd go for the mother of all treatments, rather than just a regular massage. I was going to make the most of my hard-to-come-by me time.

So how'd it go? It was undoubtedly relaxing because within the first 20 minutes of the 90-minute treatment, I was out cold. I do recall the dry brush (and had soft skin post-treatment to show for it) and a heavenly scalp massage. It was somewhere during the neck kneeding that I checked out. Pirkki Vaisanen, my "wellness specialist" with magic hands, woke me up to flip from my back to my front (and to wipe the drool from my face), then I promptly fell back asleep. I did wake up for the crystal placing and the Reiki—which I'd never had before. For that portion of the treatment, Vaisanen placed her hands above or very lightly on my body and said she was using our shared energy to relieve tension and stress. Sounds hokey and perhaps it was just the power of suggestion (and the fact that I'd had a 30-minute nap), but I did feel calm and my mind wasn't racing at its usual pace. We finished with the reflexology and I didn't flinch. (I'm incredibly ticklish and usually can't stand foot massage.) When she was done, Vaisanen suggested I take my time getting up from the table (good idea; I was a noodle). Then she gave me a tall glass of water and suggested I continue to drink for the remainder of the day to flush 'toxins" from my body.

As I headed to the Upper West Side post-treatment, I felt cocooned. The pushy pedestrians and honking taxis left me unfazed, and I was able to hold onto that Zen for the rest of my restful weekend. Were the effects long-term? Hard to say. But I do feel like Vaisanen hit a reset button, allowing me to face work—and hockey tournaments—with new vigor.

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First Published Fri, 2012-03-16 12:32

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