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by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Photograph: Courtesy of The Gap

I'm very particular about my sleepwear. Always have been. My fist memories of a real nightgown date back to grade school, when, every year, my grandmother gave me a Lanz of Salzberg flannel gown as one of my Hanukah presents. They were so warm and cozy, and I always felt pretty when I wore one of them. In high school, I moved on to giant football jerseys; in college my uniform of slumber was a pair of boxer shorts paired with a ribbed tank top.

And then, post graduation, when my love of boxers faded fast, I decided I wanted to go back to night gowns, but the grown-up variety. I wanted things that were pretty but not slutty, pretty but not overly fussy, pretty but machine washable. It wasn't easy. And then it hit me when I was shopping at the Gap one Spring day and found lots of summery sun dresses—mostly cotton and many in body-loving knit—and it hit me, my perfect night gown solution. Bam! Why not use a simple, well-priced, totally unadorned summer dress as a piece of sleepwear?

And so, every spring I make a mental note to stock up on summer dresses...née, night gowns...and this season is no exception. Me, I still find what I need at The Gap ($70;, but I've also hit pay dirt at H&M and Old Navy. Best advice? Choose gowns in colors that compliment your bedroom decor. Why? Why NOT? You'll look that much better when lollygagging in bed.

Go! Buy! Be chic!

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First Published Wed, 2012-03-21 16:41

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