Now Boarding, the Karl Lagerfeld Helicopter

The Chanel designer is turning his creativity to a fleet of VIP choppers

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

You can get your hands on Karl Lagerfeld–designed Diet Coke bottles, luggage and, of course, clothing, but how on earth is a Chanel-obsessed fashion fan expected to pack up all those chic belongings when she needs to rush off to some fabulous runway show?

In a Lagerfeld helicopter, silly.

London’s Daily Mail reports that the iconic designer for Chanel as well as his own labels is working with helicopter company AgustaWestland to create what are sure to be the world’s chicest choppers.

No word yet on how the helicopters will look, but there will be plenty of baggage room on board, according to the newspaper.

Well, that was a given, now, wasn’t it?

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First Published Sun, 2012-04-08 21:03

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