7 Ways You Can Test Your Mettle Worldwide

Are you adventurous enough to take on these seven challenges?

by Holly Morris
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Compete in Lapland’s reindeer races Brave the Arctic Circle and hold on tight in Kautokeino’s annual Easter reindeer Grand Prix (nordnorge.com/en/sami-culture/easter-festival-in-kautokeino.html). Think Greek chariot racing—except prone, with lots of snow and a bull’s-eye view of reindeer butt.

Conquer the Matterhorn You don’t have to be a seasoned technical climber to ascend this icon, but do make sure you are in top shape and have an experienced guide as well as no fear of heights, which might sully a spectacular 14,000-foot-plus summit moment (alpineascents.com/matterhorn.asp).

Run the mighty Zambezi in Africa Be sure to bang your paddle on the boat to keep the hippos from surfacing under you, and definitely give the crocs a wide berth. Then simply enjoy this exhilarating white-water-rafting experience (zambezi.com).

Explore the depths, and wrecks, of the outer banks of North Carolina Closer to home but still enough to scare you smart. Diving a wreck in the Atlantic is a serious and fascinating business. Toss in a few resident tiger sharks and—congratulations!—your mettle has officially been tested (olympusdiving.com).

Mangrove Forests Take a 24-hour ferry ride downriver to the largest mangroveforests in the world in Sundarbans National Park. The forests are the territory of the native honey hunters and the endangered Bengal tiger (sunderbannationalpark.in).

Dhaka Grab one of the ubiquitous rickshaws and explore this thriving, historical capital city: its bedlam, its delicious biryani, its more than 14 million people (dhaka.com).

Cox’s Bazar The Tulum of Bangladesh; beachy, low-key and home to the country’s pioneering girl surfers (discovercoxsbazar.com). You’ll welcome the respite of thelongest sandy beach in the world after experiencing Bangladesh’s infamous traffic and dense population. (Top tip: Leavethe bikini at home, as the area is one of the more conservative regions of this Muslim country.)

Photo courtesy of Iakov Kalinin/Shutterstock.com

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