Where to Go: Naples and Campania

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Bay of Naples, Italy
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A kinetic gust of garlic-and-basil aromatherapy, Campania is a destination that no one ever forgets. More travelers visit this region than any other in the south, and it's no wonder.

Reasons to Go
-Walking the streets of Naples: Its energy, chaos, and bursts of beauty make Naples the most operatic of Italian cities.

-Exploring Pompeii: The excavated ruins of Pompeii are a unique and occasionally spooky glimpse into everyday life—and sudden death—in Roman times.

-"The Living Room of the World": Pose oh-so-casually with the beautiful people sipping their Camparis on La Piazzetta, the central crossroads of Capri: a stage-set square that always seems ready for a gala performance.

-Ravishing Ravello: High above the Amalfi Coast, two spectacular villas compete for the title of most beautiful spot in southern Italy.

-A world made of stairs: Built like a vertical amphitheater piggybacked with houses, Positano may very well be the best triathlon training ground imaginable. The town's only job is to look enchanting—and it does that very well.

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