Latest Yoga Buzz? Shirt That Shocks You into Proper Movement

An app syncs with the high-tech garment to help track progress

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Who needs a personal trainer when a shirt will correct your tree pose for you?

Today reports a biz called Electricfoxy is busy creating what it calls a “wearable technology garment” that, when worn during yoga or Pilates, will sense when your movements need tweaking and then give you a little electrical buzz so you can make adjustments.

The shirt syncs up with an app, so you can keep track of progress, according to the news show. It also can help with sports training including golf and baseball. 

But before you go quitting your yoga studio, Yoga Teachers Association Co-President Laurice Nemetz tells Today that while the app sounds interesting, actual human feedback is better.

“Health is far more important to me and my clients’ movement than the attitude that implies,” she tells the news show. “The work of yoga, Pilates, etc., is both science and art.”

And should there be a short in the electric shirt during your next downward dog? You might want a professional around for help with that.

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First Published Thu, 2012-06-07 22:04

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