Don't Miss Movies & TV: July/August 2012

A rockin' musical plus hidden gems

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Tom Cruise in "Rock of Ages"

Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise exhibits bare-chested brio as a sex- and drink-driven icon in this send-up of the ’80s music scene. Also memorable: Alec Baldwin’s long-haired turn as a desperate club owner. --Susan Toepfer





The Queen of Versailles

When bad times hit, David and Jackie Siegel, above, had to abandon their lavish lifestyle—and 90,000-square- foot house. This Sundance winner is summer’s must-see doc. --Leslie Van Buskirk



Twenty Twelve

Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), right, flexes his comedy muscles as the chief organizer of Britain’s Olympics in this satire on prepping for the games (starting June 30 on BBC America). --Alison Bailes



Your Sister's Sister

Emily Blunt falls for her best friend (Mark Duplass), only to find out he just slept with her half-sister (Rosemary DeWitt, right), who happens to be a lesbian. Despite the sitcom premise, this dramedy probes deeply into matters of the heart. --A.B.



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