Where to Retire on $100 a Day

AARP report finds great cities to settle down on $36,500 a year

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Retirement ain’t cheap. We know. That’s why so many Americans are working much longer than they ever thought they would. Duh. But what if you could live somewhere for $100 a day? That’s $36,500 a year—or, after taxes (at 25 percent), $27,375.

Now we’re talking.

Good Morning America reports a recent analysis from AARP: The Magazine took into account things like home prices, crime, cost of living, climate, health resources, doctors, hospitals, recreation and the arts and came up with a list of great places to start your second act.

“These are not necessarily retirement meccas,” the magazine’s Gabrielle Redford tells the morning show. “They are just great places to live and great places to retire.”

Starting to plan on a work end-date? Don’t discount Pittsburgh; San Antonio; Omaha; Grand Junction, Colorado; Gainesville, Florida; Spokane, Washington; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Morgantown, West Virginia; or Roanoke, Virginia.

So what if you’re not in Arizona or New York? With all that money you’ll be saving, you’ll be able to vacation there.

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First Published Tue, 2012-07-17 21:43

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