Would You Paint Your Soles Red?

Women are using stickers, paint, even nail polish to imitate Louboutins

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Come on, admit it. You’ve sneaked a peek at the bottom of some woman’s shoe, checking for that telltale red sole that shows it’s a Louboutin.

Only she might have taken a $19.95 pump and painted it to look as if it cost her $500.

Yep, Today reports women are using paint, stickers and even nail polish to make their affordable heels look pricey. The red-sole look started as Christian Louboutin’s signature, but, according to the news show, other designers, including Chloe Green—whose Topshop line shows off light-green soles—are following suit.

Don’t really care about the designer cachet but like the idea of making your sole your own? Check out the sole stickers from Rosso Solini. Today notes the accessories brand offers red stickers but also animal patterns, glitter and many colors (blue being particularly popular for brides).

“Personalization is becoming more and more prevalent, and in fashion in particular,” NPD Group retail analyst Marshal Cohen tells the news show. “People used to be able to splurge, but with today’s economy, consumers are saying, ‘Forget that; I will just paint my soles red.’ In addition, people don’t necessarily want to look like everyone else. This trend toward customizing soles isn’t just about looking impressive but about the ability to make something unique.”

Sole stickers for the stylish soul? Sounds like a hit to us.

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First Published Thu, 2012-07-19 21:45

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