Think You’ve Lost Weight? Maybe Not

New study finds Americans gained a pound when they thought they’d lost several

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

What, me fat? No way! Those jeans totally shrank in the dryer. And that T-shirt is tight only because of all the bicep curls. Oh, and the scale? It lies. Two words: Water. Weight.

Um, sorry, but yes, yes, you are getting fatter. You’re just in denial.

NBC News reports that a new study out of the University of Washington finds Americans may think they’re shedding pounds when they’re not. In fact, many folks who think they’ve lost weight have actually gained a little.

“People’s weights are going up from year to year,” lead author Catherine Wetmore tells the network. “But when they’re asked to think back to a year ago, they recall being heavier than they were.” In reality, according to NBC, when study participants were weighed one year and then weighed again the next, they had actually gained a pound on average.

“The message we’re trying to drive home is that if Americans don’t accept the reality of their weight changes over time, they’re not going to be motivated to lose weight,” Wetmore tells the network. “It’s important to be attuned to even small changes in body weight because over time they can really add up.”

So can the price of new jeans. Better to lay off the Ho-Hos and fit in the ones we already own.

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First Published Wed, 2012-08-01 21:10

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