Stressed Man Seeks Overweight Woman

New research says when men feel stressed, they find chubby ladies more attractive

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Want a man who appreciates a little meat on a woman’s bones? Look for the most stressed-out guy in the dating pool.

Today reports that a new study out of London’s University of Westminster found that when men’s stress levels were raised, they rated heavier—and even obese—women as more attractive than relaxed men did.

“Our results showed that men who were stressed rated female body sizes at higher BMI categories as more attractive than their control-group counterparts,” study coauthor Viren Swami tells the news show. “That is, men in the [stressed] condition rated women of normal weight, overweight and, partially at least, obese BMI categories as more attractive than the control group.”

So Jack Sprat was totally stressing about not being able to eat any fat? No wonder he and his wife made a perfect match.

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First Published Wed, 2012-08-08 23:44

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