Can You Trust Your Man? The Cheater Meter iPhone App Will Tell You!

An iTunes app worth every cent

by Linda Yellin
Photograph: Bryan McCay

Worried he might be a cheater? Buy an answer for 99 cents with an iTunes app called the Cheater Meter.

I chose a random man (my husband) and answered 10 questions. Personality: extrovert. Education: graduate degree. Question 7 wanted to know what car he drives. Randy doesn’t own one, so I asked him, “If you didn’t take the subway, what would you drive?” A BMW, he said. (Swell—according to the app, that’s the choice of cheaters!) How many sexual partners has he had? “What guy is going to answer that?” Randy bellowed. (Obviously not mine.)

The app, based on research compiled by Miami psychiatrist Ish Major, tells me extroverts cheat more than introverts. Men with graduate degrees are 1.75 times as likely to wander as high school dropouts. A man who earns more than $75,000 is 1.5 times as likely to have an affair as a guy who makes under $30,000. My conclusion: The only faithful men are shy high school dropouts who can’t afford to get kicked out by their wives. I guess I’d better keep an eye on Randy.

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First Published Thu, 2012-08-09 16:18

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