Where to Go: St. Lucia

The top reasons why you should visit and when

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Gros and Petit Pitons near Soufriere in St. Lucia
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Magnificent St. Lucia is distinguished from its neighbors by the Pitons—the twin peaks that soar nearly half a mile above the ocean floor on the southwest coast. Nearby, a "drive-in" volcano fosters healing sulfur springs that have rejuvenated bathers for nearly three centuries; not surprisingly, the island's finest hotels reside here, with sybaritic spas overlooking volcanic-sand beaches. Two additional resort areas further north also beckon visitors: All-inclusive beach resorts concentrate around Rodney Bay, while the deep harbor of Marigot Bay draws a yachting crowd. In between, a lush interior of towering mountains, dense rain forest, fertile green valleys, and acres of banana plantations await exploration.

Reasons to Go
The Beauty: Magnificent, lush scenery makes St. Lucia one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands.

The Romance: A popular honeymoon spot, St. Lucia is filled with romantic retreats.

Indulgent Accommodations: Sybaritic lodging options include an all-inclusive spa resort, a posh dive resort sandwiched between a mountain and the beach, and two picturesque resorts optimally positioned between the Pitons.

The St. Lucia Jazz Festival: Performers and fans come from all over the world for this musical event.

The Welcome: The friendly St. Lucians love sharing their island and their cultural heritage with visitors.

When to Go
The high season runs from mid-December through mid-April and during the annual St. Lucia Jazz Festival and Carnival events; at other times of the year, hotel rates can be significantly cheaper.

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