Ma Was Wrong: Shaving Doesn’t Make Hair Thicker

Stubble may look coarser and darker, but that’s just an illusion

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Way back when you first begged your mom to buy you your first Lady Bic, did she warn you that your leg hair would only grown back thicker and coarser?

Mom was wrong.

Website Life’s Little Mysteries reports that scientific studies have shown shaving doesn’t change the color, growth rate or texture of hair.

“No significant differences in total weight of hair produced in a measured area, or in width or rate of growth of individual hairs, could be ascribed to shaving,” researchers wrote in a study dating back to 1970, according to the site.

LLM does note, however, that stubble can seem thicker and darker than longer hair, but that’s just an illusion. Maybe we’ll go ahead and skip shaving for a while—just to test the science for ourselves, of course.

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First Published Sun, 2012-08-26 20:13

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