Weekly Planner: Sex on Thursdays, Shopping on Wednesdays

Studies show different days of the week are best for certain tasks

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

If you’re one of those women who live and die by your day planner, it’s time to take notes. Pencil in sex on Thursdays, shopping on Wednesdays and dinners out on Tuesdays. The Sun of Britain reports studies have been conducted to determine the best days to do certain things.

Ready? Mondays are great for buying cameras online, according to the newspaper.

Tuesdays? Schedule airplane flights—this is the cheapest day to fly. Also make dinner reservations on Tuesdays, when food is fresh after nondeliveries over the weekend, the newspaper says.

Hit the mall on Wednesdays, the least busy day of the week, The Sun suggests. And after you spend all that money, head back to the office and ask for a pay raise: Seven out of 10 managers say Wednesday is the best day to be hit up for more money.

Thursday is sexy time. According to a study, “natural cortisol levels, which stimulate sex hormones, are at their highest on this day,” the newspaper reports.

And on Friday? Put your house on the market for the best shot at selling it, another study suggests, according to The Sun.

Shall we clear your schedule?

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First Published Wed, 2012-08-29 21:41

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