Study: You Can Be Fit Even If You’re Fat

Researchers say fitness, not weight, determines health

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

So, yeah, you’ve got a muffin top—even though you jog three times a week and pop in a P90X workout when you get the chance. All that working out makes you hungry—for muffins. It’s cool. A new study says you really can be fit and fat.

“It is well known that obesity is linked to a large number of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems and cancer,” Dr. Francisco Ortega, the study’s lead author, says in a statement reported by CNN. “However, there appears to be a subset of obese people who seem to be protected from obesity-related metabolic complications.”

Researchers looked at the body fat of participants and found that almost half of the 30 percent considered obese were “metabolically healthy,” according to the network. The obese participants who were metabolically healthy had no greater risk of dying than normal-weight participants who were metabolically healthy.

“Our study, together with previous literature, strongly suggests that a better cardiorespiratory fitness will make you healthier regardless of your weight status,” Ortega tells CNN. “These findings clearly support the notion that doing exercise and improving fitness might be an effective public health tool for fighting against obesity … Exercise benefits everyone, regardless of fitness and fatness level. So exercise should be encouraged by doctors to all the patients.”

Great. Now who wants to meet up at Starbucks after today‘s workout? We hear pumpkin muffins are back on the menu.

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First Published Wed, 2012-09-05 21:45

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