Hey, Boss, I’m Going on Botox Leave

Workers in some countries get pretty awesome perks

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

It’s hard enough to get something like maternity leave approved by your HR office, let alone time off for a sick kid or a dental appointment. So we can only imagine the reaction we’d get if we asked for “Botox leave.”

Yes, it’s a real thing, NBC News reports—in the U.K., anyway, where many employers offer personal-leave time for beauty and cosmetic reasons. Think wrinkle treatments and haircuts. What a magical, magical thing.

Employers in other countries also offer some pretty incredible perks. Citing Mercer’s 2012 Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines, the network says in China, it’s common for employees to be given a “special leave” when they get married. And French workers, after two years of employment, are allowed to take a year of unpaid leave to start or buy their own business. “After the year, they can come back to their old job or one at a comparable level and pay,” NBC News says.

Can you imagine? We tried to start our own company and it didn’t work out, so we’ll take our old job back now, thank you very much.

Looks as if we’ve got a memo to send the boss. After all, it is about time for a Botox break.

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First Published Tue, 2012-09-18 19:37

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