In Your Dreams: Being Chased, Having Sex

Study finds men and women also report falling as a common dream theme

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Can’t wait to get to sleep tonight? Must be all those sexy dreams you’re having.

The Toronto Sun reports sex ranks number two on the list of things women dream about, a new study finds. Bet you didn’t guess it was the number-one theme for men.

Being chased, it turns out, was the most common dream theme for the ladies, and the second for guys, the research out of the University of Montreal found. Both men and women reported falling as the third-most-common type of dream, the newspaper adds.

Other things women are likely to dream about: a person dying, paralyzing fear, failing a test or icky insects or snakes, according to the Sun. Guys get a little more superhero-like, dreaming they can fly, have special powers, kill or hang with ETs.

Um, we’ll stick with the sex dreams—preferably one in which we’re being chased by George Clooney.

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First Published Wed, 2012-09-26 19:58

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