Book Review: 'The Dog Lived (And So Will I)' by Teresa Rhyne

A dog tale of cancer and survival

by Leslie Van Buskirk
teresa rhyne and her dog image

Newly divorced Teresa Rhyne, a 45-year-old San Diego lawyer, had just adopted a rescue beagle, Seamus, and fallen in love with a new man when her life went haywire. First, the dog was diagnosed with anal cancer and given less than a year to live; then Teresa was told she had triple negative breast cancer. Her new book, The Dog Lived (And So Will I), is a rollicking tale of how hound and owner beat the odds and thrived. As for those who think a multi-thousand dollar vet bill is nuts, Rhyne has a retort: “In California, people are defined by their automobiles, but I don’t care about that. My feeling is, Don’t judge me by my vet bill and I won’t judge you by your ridiculous, expensive car!”

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First Published Fri, 2012-09-28 12:10

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