What to Expect from Your Man at 40, 50, 60

A tongue-in-cheek review of the stages of man.

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What He’ll Deny

At 40: That the tribal tattoo he got at 20 makes him look like a tool.

At 50: That he’s reached the last rung on his personal-success ladder.

At 60: That there’s such a thing as dad jeans and that any jeans worn by a 60-year-old man probably qualify.


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Favorite Body Part (His)

At 40: Penis.

At 50: Penis.

At 60: Penis.


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Favorite Body Part (Yours)

At 40: Breasts.

At 50: Legs.

At 60: Brain.


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What He Wants for Christmas

At 40: The Star Wars action figures his mom tossed years ago.

At 50: A Ducati Superbike 848 EVO.

At 60: His first grandchild.


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How He Secretly Sees Himself

At 40: Still got it.

At 50: Pretty sure he’s lost it.

At 60: Had it, lost it, found something new.


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Favorite Sexual Role Play

At 40: You’re the MILF, he’s the paperboy coming to collect.

At 50: You’re the cheerleader, he’s the school guidance counselor, and boy, do you need a letter of recommendation!

At 60: You’re Christine Lagarde, administering the pill that will improve his economic indicator.


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